Apache Training Courses

Apache Software Foundation training includes courses in the popular open source Apache projects such as Web/HTTP Server (httpd), Apache-Tomcat integration, Lucene, and Solr. Tomcat training includes courses in Tomcat administration, configuration, and maintenance.

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Apache Web Server Administration Training Course

Apache HTTP Server is the oldest and the most stable web server that is used in over 100 million web sites. Our 2-day Apache Web Server Administration training course is designed to give you the necessary hands-on skills to install, administer, optimize, and troubleshoot issues with Apache Web Server.

Tomcat Administration Training Course

The 2-day Apache Tomcat Administration training course covers the specifics of installing, configuring, and maintaining Apache Tomcat servlet container. Students will learn the specifics of using the server.xml configuration file, deployment descriptor files, an overview of servlets and JSP, the differences between Tomcat and J2EE application servers, deploying Java Web applications under Tomcat, connecting Tomcat and Apache HTTP Server, hosting multiple Web applications, using the Tomcat Manager and the Tomcat Administration tools.